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2018 TT stats. (post brexit?)


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If like me, you love everything about the TT then this years stats are interesting. I knew the attendance this year was a little down and at 44,368 fans that's around 1.5% down. Still not bloomin' bad though. A total of £39.3m was spent which doing the maths means each fan spent on average around £886.The actual number of motorcycles at the TT over the week was 14,531 which was a 5.4% drop.

Another stat I do like is Peter Hickman's lap of 135.452mph on a BMW S1000RR. That's 16m42s to negotiate a complete circuit. That is bonkers!

Now,I have absolutely no clue about politics and even less about oncoming Brexit, but will Brexit have any impact on visitor numbers from European countries next year at the TT?

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that depends mostly on how quickly the government can get the systems up and running at all sea ports of entry for a smooth throughput. As of now there has been no preparation done because that has had to wait to see what the 'deal' is. and so far.. they are still talking about it. The British Ports Authority seem to be just a little freaked out about the current state of play, because nothing has been done. nothing at all. No money earmarked even for the extra staffing, infrastructure.. bricks and mortar as well as digital. because they are still talking.

At the moment.. Im planning on crossing to France in September of next year. 6 months after Brexit day.. I'm wondering if I'm being too optimistic that it will be a relatively painless crossing. I just don't know. nobody does.

TT starts less than 2 months after the big day. is that enough time?

It might turn out that riding to the TT is going to be too onerous.. easier to fly. maybe.. ish.

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But therein lies the rub Mike.

I have no doubt that over time things will sort themselves out. But they're trying to negotiate an awful lot of changes all at once. How we operated outside the EU came about through many years of agreements as and when they were required. not rushed within two years.

The transition deal, as much as some leavers bemoaned the concept of fudging us staying in the EU would give us the time to sort everything else out.

Leave with no deal and technically there's a lot of agreements that cease to exist.

I don't personally think we'd go months with no planes landing or ferries crossing, but at the same time there will be a period of pain where the powers that be come to an agreement and then those instructions filter down to the actual people on the ground.

It'll come out in the wash.... but if there's no deal it might be quite a long cycle :lol:

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1month after brexit day, we'll all be wondering what all the fuss was about.. wait and see...


You mean.. When the powers at be decide not to change anything... Except perhaps a neat little stamp in a passport.

That'll be good.. No need for a visa.. Just a promise that you will leave after 6 months. This is what "taking back our borders" is all about. A stamp.. And a promise. Plus a bit more rummaging through suitcases of dirty laundry by customs. Excellent.

Hope you're right.

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