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Any good alternative to chain locks?

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Hi all I’m wanting to find a suitable replacement for my chain. It’s heavy and cumbersome and I currently have no luggage space on my bike, which I’m not wanting to change. I nearly always carry my rucksack to take my lunch to work etc, and get the odd bits from the shop. Putting my chain in there is a nightmare. I always use a disc lock and the bike has a datatag too. I’m looking to invest in an alarmed disc lock also because I want a second one anyway. However when going to the shop I’d like to be able to have the bike attached to something, are there any alternatives to a chain for this? Is a d lock any good?



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The Kryptonite locks like that don't have a great rep in the cycling world, pretty easy to cut through although for a short time would be a decent deterent..

A better option might be the Masterlock Street Cuff


Would be pretty easy to attach that to things

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These days I am experimenting with psychology.

I leave my bike with a sign on it saying "This bike is protected by Custard and Sausage Sandwiches"

I believe that any thief who is not made of kryptonite will be too tempted by either Custard or Sausage sandwiches or both to refuse one of these tasty snacks and that they will think mmmmmmmm theres a cafe over there I think I will just have a snack first and come back for the bike later Then they spend too long in the café and forget about the bike.

So far it seems to be working.

If this is s long term success I will add ice cream and Gatueax on other signs. I believe I may have hit on a so far unexplored opportunity in niche security products.

Regional differences allow range expansion such as Balti amd Korma in Bradford. Whelks and Jellied Eels in London, Black Pudding in Lancashire. Cream teas and Pasties in Cornwall. Neaps and Tatties in Scotland. Leeks in Wales. I am stuck with Puddings in Yorkshire but I doubt any Yorkshireman would be so profligate as to buy anything even if it is cheap, so I am confident any bike is safe there.

I have high hopes.

I am however worried that the sign might get nicked.

Damn Ive just realised that a thief partial to custard may think that by nicking the bike he will get access to that treasured commodity. Similar for Sausage Sandwiches.

I may have to rethink this.

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Subliminal messaging could be a good shout. You know this god awful advert on the tube?Dou1kZ1XUAAYdyR.thumb.jpg.63dd5096890499e0ac025cf11ce01366.jpg Actually a great ad as it makes you yawn, then buy florodix, but that annoys me. Maybe like don't buy a green bike cos green means envy and thieves will try and nick it?

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. Maybe like don't buy a green bike cos green means envy and thieves will try and nick it?


:evil: everyone should buy green bikes


Ah, the colour green........one of the most effective anti-theft initiatives known to man.......(grabs coat and runs for exit.....) :mrgreen:

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Have you read this: https://www.rideapart.com/articles/255770/ask-a-motorcycle-thief/ ?

From what I have read, buy lots of small noisy things. Its take more time than say, freezing and smashing a single chain. I would like to chain it but there isn't always something to chain it to. I have a Datatool S4red and a motion sensitive disk lock..... and a chain and a dlock

Pick on someone else's bike.

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When I'm touring I put two massive chains in a tankbag, it must weigh about 20kgs but it's over the tank & puts a bit more weight on the front. Plus as above several noisy disk lock things.

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