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2008 Honda Deauville CMP sensor


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Well, that sucks...get a new bike and it has a fault in first 11 days. FI light came on, 1 long pulse, 8 short...indicating a faulty CMP sensor.

ANyone know where it is on the bike? I know the bike is still under a warranty but they don't cover getting the bike to them, if it's cheaper to do it myself than pay for bike to be transported then I'd rather do that!

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I am unhappy with a manufacturers warranty that doesn't protect a customer from charges incurred solely due to the vehicle failing while under warranty.

Warranties are designed to cover repair costs of faulty parts and that is fine where an engine misfires or the flashers stop flashing, but is still driveable. What happens when the car or bike is immobile due entirely to the fault.

What happens if a car breaks down on the hard shoulder of a motorway miles from anywhere and the owner is landed with a 150 pounds motorway recovery bill and a further recovery bill of 100 pounds to get the car to a dealership where the warranty repair can be carried out.

And what if the faulty part is a 10 or 20 pound part and the costs faced by the owner are several times that amount. Is the manufacturer absolved from any responsibility for the extra costs the failure has caused in such cases.

I think that the dealer you purchased it from should be open to persuasion. What use is a warranty that cannot be invoked due to costs that the breakdown has forced upon the hapless owner. Companies and dealers often refuse when first approached and rely upon owners giving up. Be tenatious.

I don't think it unreasonable to expect the dealer to collect a non running bike that failed under warranty, is it unreasonable to expect a dealer to collect a non running car that failed under warranty.

I would contact the dealer again and see if they can help, and failing that contact Honda and ask if they can approve that the bike be collected from wherever it is and taken to a dealer for the warranty repair as it is immobile. Or failing that to reimburse you for your costs getting it there as those costs are a direct result of the breakdown and you should not be liable for them.

Automotive companies spend a lot of money on warranty support and they do understand the problems owners face and they want to make sure that ownership of their products is a pleasurable experience.

Remember this you are a valued customer who they want to keep sweet because you will buy another Honda in the future. Bull them up and say you have always loved Hondas and their reliability and that is why you made the purchase but you feel disappointed by the situation and would welcome some help.

I believe this is the Honda uk contact page https://www.honda.co.uk/cars/contact-us.html

I once worked for an automotive company that had to spend 6000 pounds to replace a 5p part under warranty on every vehicle that developed that fault, so I don't think asking Honda to cover a 25 quid vehicle recovery cost is asking too much of them.

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I am unhappy with a manufacturers warranty that doesn't protect a customer from charges incurred solely due to the vehicle failing while under warranty.



I would think after 10 years the manufacturers warranty is long gone!

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Got it fixed, the garage collected it at no extra cost, despite the warranty stating I had to arrange own transport, so that was cool. Alas they couldn't bring it back as they were short staffed the day it was ready and I couldn't get there any other day as had my daughter staying after, so I just got the train there, only cost me £3 as the ticket guy didn't appear until halfway there :D (no ticket machines at local station) so not bad, only issue was ever getting the bike there anyway.

They had to order a new sensor as cleaning up connections etc didn't work so it wasn't that.

Riding the bike back, the front RH indicator went, sods law, luckily I lad already ordered a spare set so will replace as soon as they arrive.

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