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Praying Mantis fitting leathers

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Hi guys.

Ive just bought my first sports bike ( ZX10r D6F 2006 ) after owning a 2009 Hornet for a while, and although I love my RST Paragon 5 jacket and trousers, i think its time to get me some leathers.

I havnt been to try anything yet, as the winter is closing in ill be using my bikes a lot less till the spring. But id like to see if i can get a bargain over the winter and wondering if anyone here has the same height and build as me, and if so, wheres a good place to start for fitment or any specific suits youve tried that work. I tried my brothers BSK 1 piece on and its a 44 or something, and it hangs off around my arse, and its short on the arms. Hes an inch smaller but about 4 stone heavier.

Im a lanky git at 6'3 and about 11st. I know what youre gonna say, eat more lol, or youll get fatter when your metabolism slows down......i eat good, i eat as much shit as i like, I dont go to the gym or train anymore as well, i just cant be arsed, Im 38 and just think this is what my genetic make up has decided im going to be ( can thank the old man for the hair line aswell, bast*rd ).

So whats recommended ? A few mates have said to get one made, or buy off the shelf to as close a fit as possible and get it tailored, or just try everything in sight on till you find that unicorn.

Now Ive seen a few suits that i do really like, im just wondering how much wizardry can a leather tailor do to make it fit without compromising its integrity ?

Im thinking a 1 piece as I want to start doing some track days.

Opinions, experience, guidance very welcome.

Thanks guys.

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Deffo go try some stuff on first before shelling out for custom. Just make sure that it fits really, really, really snug! Leather stretches over time and there's nowt worst than saggy arsed trousers. I don't see the benefit on a 1 piece over a 2 piece zip-together unless you'll be racing for a living. 2 pieces is much easier to size too.

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Great looking leathers can be sic if you are a great rider but if you buy great leathers and ride like a fool then you lose credibility. If you simply buy cheap off the peg seperates you still look like a biker but if you cock up you tend to get more slack from other road users than if you look like some kind of refugee from the tiller girls.

I just buy shit cos that's how I ride.

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