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Yamaha ybr not starting


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Hi, I'm new to this bike world and don't have much experience. I have an 07 ybr125 that's been sitting unused for about two years. Now I want to ride it but can't get it to start. I've tried new battery, new sparkplug, even the kick start won't work. I squirted in some fuel into the spark plug hole and it started up so I know it's at least sparking. I got a new fuel filter, clean the carb and all jets, they looked fine and it was quite clean inside. I drained it all and put in new fuel ,still get nothing. Even cleaned the air filter. When I took off the carb the second time there was new fuel in the float bowl so I'm at a complete lost to be honest. I'd great appreciate any advice as on Monday I'll probably be end up paying 80 quid to get it picked up and brought to the mechanic.

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If there's fuel in the float chamber but none getting into the cylinder then there must be a blockage in the carb jets. Old fuel will solidify into a hard varnish when a bike is laid up. It's not easy to see but if you take the carb to bits and thoroughly clean everything it ought to sort it out.

It's a common issue with outboard motors that haven't been run for a while. On those I use a spray which shifts the varnish without dismantling, Quicksilver Powertune. It's like carb cleaner on steroids!

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I took the carb apart and used carb cleaner, then took a small plastic guitar strings to the Jets, it went through all the holes no problem and I didn't encounter any blockages. I gave it to a family friend after whole took a look and said it should be okay

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