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CBT required

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Just a quick query that I'm hoping someone could help me with. My wife received her provisional licence in 1999 and at that stage had the entitlement to ride up to a 50 c.c moped. She has never actually done her test, she did lessons for a while but never got round to doing her test, she is now thinking about getting a moped. Does she have to do a CBT or not, she has always had the moped entitlement and when she renewed her licence a few years ago the AM category is already showing, it doesn't show on my licence issued a few years later.

Many thanks

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Cheers for the reply, she only has a provisional car licence but it does have am category on it.


I which case your wife will have to do a CBT. ........The AM category on your wife's license is just a provisional for riding a Moped........It would have been full moped entitlement if she had passed her car test before 1st Feb 2001...... 8-)

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Sorry if my post was misconstrued, it was based on the assumption that she had the required entitlement.

For the avoidance of doubt for the original poster, I don't know the answer and haven't looked into it. I'm definitely no expert at how entitlements have changed over the years.

But if she does have the entitlement there I still think it's worthwhile doing some training first.

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If she doesn't have a full car license she must do a CBT. The AM entitlement on her license will be a provisional entitlement and will require a CBT to validate it. There will be a little code to the right of it on the back of her photo card (if she has one).

The full moped entitlement was only ever valid after passing a car test. That changed in 2001 when everyone was required to do a CBT if they passed a car test after that date.

You can use the DVLA website to view detailed information about your particular license now too.

She would be better off with a 125cc bike or scooter instead of a 50cc moped limited to just over 30mph anyway. No harder to ride and much safer IMO as you can keep up with the traffic better rather than frustrating people into dodgy overtakes.

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