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Bandit 1200 clutch..


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Hi All

I have a Bandit 1200 engine which is in an Autograss car and the clutch won't disengage.

its on a hydraulic master and slave and it appears the clutch plates won't separate when the clutch pedal is pushed.

The system is bled and the push rod moves but the clutch is solid.

Any ideas as to how I can break the plates free without taking it apart, as there is a rollcage bar in the way.



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I did it on mine by getting the engine running until its nice and warm. Ride along in first gear approx 10mph then pull in the clutch while giving it a lot of throttle while standing down hard on the rear brake.

Difference is mine was a 125 so I knew i wasn't going anywhere fast in first gear. a 1200 would be a whole other story I suspect :shock:

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Is this with the engine off or running? If you're new to bike engines you may not realise that the plates will all be stuck together with oil, they only free off when you change into a gear and the bike goes "Bang"..

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Long time no see [mention]nigelwood1[/mention]

I would get the engine running and nice and warm then get someone to bump start it with you then try and hold it on the brakes with the clutch pressed

you may find that just bumping it may well be enough to free it off

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It looks like I will have to manually free it. there is no drive chain fitted at present. I can get the casing off and I should be able to get the plates out. The clutch basket won't clear the bar but if it is only the plates that are stuck I should be able to free them.

Was hoping someone might have an easy fix for it but oh well.

problem is I don't know the history of the engine. I think it was left in a shed for a while with the clutch not covered with oil.

2 and 1/2 engines for £500 might have been a bit of a bad move..

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I do hope so..

the whole thing has been a bit of a nightmare.

Original Blackbird engine had been left outside with number one cylinder open.

it was full of water so scrap.

All brake calipers, ZX400R tokico 4 pots seized.

Brake master cylinder completely knackered.

And then to top it all the clutch locked up.

On a very tight budget so can't take a big hit if it needs any more than a rattle of the clutch plates.

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It's not a big job to strip and rebuild the clutch?

As previously discussed, not a big job . Much better to strip it than trying to free it up by force and finding out later that you have a sump full of detached friction material and a slipping clutch.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for all the input guys, most appreciated..

Turns out part of the problem was the alignment of the slave cylinder.

Because it has to be mounted 50mm away from the engine, to clear the drive coupling , it seems the slave cylinder does not completely line up with the hole for the push rod.

So once the slave cylinder and rod were modified the push rod moved freely.

Took all the clutch plates out and all were OK. Clutch now moves freely.

Just waiting on a possibility of use of a field for testing and we should be dangerous...

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