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What's your views on biker jacket zips


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Hi all . I have a 2an hand leather police motorbike jacket .. I had the zip replaced when I bought it .. I paid £40 to have a new zip fitted (the reason he was selling the jacket) I went to a repair shop who wanted £150.00 to replace the zip . So I went to Cardiff market and is a Chinese repair shop they charged me.£40 NOW the zip has broken again as it was plastic .as the shop I bought zip off asked what it was for As its 27 inch long they said I need to buy the plastic type so it won't scratch the tank ..

The zip is covered by the jacket so I don't think it will .BUT if just resprayed the tank and don't want it scratched i do have a tank pad on the tank ...

Also the zip teeth broke off and there is plenty room in the jacket so its not breaking due to.me.being a fat git lol ok I'm a fat git but the jacket is not too tight . There's enough room to put thermal under jacket thing on under it when it gets cold ..

So I'm asking will a metal zip last longer as the plastic one lasted not even a year an 1/2 ..

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I have had zips break in my last leather trousers, my sIdi boots and the toggle bit has gone in my Spidi leathers.

I had a new zip put in the trousers by a Chinese repair shop but it was a bit industrial and didn't really match the leathers.

Charged about £20 IIRC.

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What I know of biker jacket zips is manufacturers of biker jackets fit zips that are up to the job.

Cut to the chase. You will pay over 200 quid for zips for that jacket. Go to J&S and buy a jacket. Consign it to the skip of valuable lessons learned

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Its an old jacket. If it was mine I'd have a go at sewing a new zip myself. How hard can it be?? The holes in the leather will already be there, just need to poke a needle through...

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Joeman I said the very same thing but the Mrs said just use the sew shop . Can't argue with the boss lol .. I does have poppers which you have to open and 're do as they are in the way or it would be just.stich it .the shop got a tool to fit poppers back on to the jacket

.well she's got my jacket I'll see it next.week now .. I bought the zip its 24 inch and its YPK type . It's for biker jackets ..

The jacket is 2an hand cost me £45 when I bought it to have it cleaned . And it looks brand new well looked after never been road rashed. It was made.to measure by a company in lond on way who specilies hand made custom leathers. For cops .MOD so on . So its having its.1st.metal zip .see how long it lasts .. cheers

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