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New bike day


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Spent the past couple of months reading reviews of various bikes I fancied the look of and ended up coming away from the naked style bike that I have always favoured so this morning I went and completed the deal trading in my CB650F against a 900 Tracer, I’ve been out and covered 100 miles this afternoon couldn’t be happier with it, definitely feel the benefit of the screen and front fairings in this cold snap! Couple of photos I took on my first trip out 😃




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Thankyou as soon as I saw it in person it was sold! The 2019 colour is red where mines white so I asked for a better deal on an 18 model which worked out well cause I prefer the colour anyway 👌

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I had the MT09 Tracer new back in 2015. Owned it for 2 years before chopping it in for the Versys 1000GT.

Went to Germany on it in 2015. Covered exactly 2000 miles door to door in 8 days. Never missed a beat.


Glad it proved it’s reliability they seem pretty bulletproof to be fair. Hoping to get some good mileage covered on it myself. Nearly bought an MT09 a few months ago but it didn’t feel right at the time so I backed out so I’m pleased this has worked out well

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Love it. Nice looking and it delivers. Enjoy.

Also great pics, where were you?


The picture is actually taken on a bypass on the way up the car and fiddle towards Buxton,I didn’t hang around up there too long it was 4 degrees when I took this 🙈


That looks wicked. Go rag the tats off it - don't worry about that running in BS

I’m not a massive believer in the whole running in process, I believe that taking it easy whilst you get used to the bike is enough and the more you get used to it the harder you ride it but that’s a whole new subject, all I can say is I gave her a little tickle and she pulls hard and smooth without being too aggressive 👌

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