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Fuel leak - Help


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Pull up a chair as I tell a tale of woe.

I came to use my bike this Thursday and found there was no power at all. This is related as in my quest to fix this I drained my tank and removed it. After I pinned down and fixed the power issue I replaced the tank.

When I came to fill it up however it began leaking fuel out of the overflow pipe. I have no idea why this is, as the carburettor was in perfect working order before and was not even touched during my repair.

I know the go to would be the float but how could this have stopped working during an unrelated electrical repair?

Dose anyone have any other clues or ideas befoe I tear apart the carburettor?

Thanks in advanced.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

It could just be a stuck float and a coincidence that it happened at the time!

Or draining the tank and refilling has caused a stair and dragged some crap through which has got lodged in the float

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Are you dead sure that you have located the source of the leak? Occam's Razor says that it will be leaking from one of the joints that was disturbed when the tank was removed. Although coincidences do happen, I am not a big fan of them. So make sure what's really what and if still no joy, report back.

PS - what was the power issue all about?

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You haven't done something daft like connect the vacuum pipe and the fuel pipe the wrong way round by any chance ? If not then try draining the carb and then whacking it with a rubber hammer as it fills up again . Might just be a reluctant float valve . By the way , what exactly do you mean by an overflow? , most bikes don't have them these days .

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