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Advice on starting.motor brushes ..


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Over the the weekend i changed the staring motorbrushies on my CB750 .. .. as they was sticking .. . Push the starter and nothing happend so used a wee hammer to tap the starter while pushing the starter button . And the bike started .. So i was told its the brushies.. So taken them out .and one side it almost gone ...while the other side looks new .

. So swapped them over nothing... even hitting the starting motor with a hammer and pushing the starter button .

So swapped the new for old . Starts 1st time .. swapped them over again old for new . Nothing.. swapped them over again old ones back in starts......

It feels like the brushies are too long

They are Honda parts .gave the dealer the bike reg to get the right ones . Now the one side is badly worn I have to change it but the bike won't start... I did think about cutting a bit off the brushes but they are not flat as the ends are rounded ..

Can you cut these to make them fit .. but i shouldn't need to genuine parts ???

Any advice or help will be fantastic ..

Also don't want to buy a new starting motor as they are not cheap .. prob same price As the bikes value now lol

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Hello, how are you taking them out and putting them back in again so easily ? I had to solder mine . Are you replacing the whole back plate or each individual brush ? I did this job very recently and it went fine , the brushes that went in were way longer than the stubs that came out though. Let's have some pictures please.


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I undone the 2 bolts and pulled the motor out then the brushes slot in and push the wee spring bits in then push the motor back in . Do the bolts up and try start it . Then depends on what brushes go in if it starts or not .


How do you mean " Slot in " ? How are the wires connected ? You must have a very different system to mine , any pics ? How about fitting them and spinning the motor with a drill to bed them in ? Have you given the commutator a good polish with very fine emery paper i.e 2500 grade ?

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