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What set could you reccomend?

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Hello, I've been looking around at some gear to get over Christmas but I only have around £500 budget. I am after a new helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots. It's only for fair weather although I have good thermal base layers for colder temps. No need for water proof as I don't intend to be out in rain.

The choice out there is pretty over whelming so I hope somebody can help narrow things down. I liked the sound of kev jeans but didn't like the idea of them not attaching to a top. On the other hand I don't like the sound of a one piece suite, or leather. So maybe a textile 2 piece that connect together?. I get the feeling £500 is not going to be very much, maybe I can get the boots or gloves later if it helps.

Sorry, it helps to elaborate a bit. I'd be using the bike mostly during the week for things like going to the gym, I'd have my gym clothes on underneath so it's easy to take the bike gear off and I'm good to go. On week ends I'll be going out with friends further afield so doing higher speeds it would be good if the 2 piece can connect in-case of a bigger slide. Maybe it's asking too much.

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As above a large J&S accessories.

Was sent there by the dealer after I bought my 125 and got kitted out with boots, armoured jeans, armoured jacket with removable thermal liner and a helmet for £250 and that was in no way their cheapest gear. The helmet was £110 of that total and they do helmets at half that price!

Also great to have all your layers with you so you can see what best fits.

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RST, Halvarssons, Jofama and Lindstrands are my favourite brands, that do well made bike clothing in a range of prices and sizes. So I would say have a look at them.

I love my kelvar jeans and leggings. They are super comfy both on and off the bike. Mine attach to my jacket using this magical thing


Which allows you to easily attach any trousers to a halvarssons/jofama/lindstrands jacket.

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You're right about one-piece; ideal for the track but really impractical for day-to-day riding. Even having a pee is a major performance.

I think I had a 2-piece textile suit once that zipped together, but it turned out to be a bit too much hassle too and in the end I settled for a pair of braces on the trousers.

When I wear jeans, I don't even bother with the braces. But they go back into the cupboard for winter - it's too cold go at any speed in them.

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