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oscillating mult-tools


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So nothing to do with bikes but was thinking of getting an oscillating multi-tool for some upcoming jobs at home, flooring, skirting etc. etc. anyone use one and have a recommendation. I'm at the budget end but the more I look the more I'm unsure. Is the bosch starlock fitting much better, are blades all compatible with different makes?

I generally lean to Makita with power tools as they seem well built. Have got a dewalt drill but never been impressed. Have used bosch at a workplace and it was ok. Also seen this budget offering from Rutlands tools


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I bought an expensive CEL branded one years ago and it's still going strong.

Mains powered because I didn't want to be waiting for batteries to charge for a tool that I knew would be an infrequent use, but when you want it, you need it NOW.

It's been really useful and I'm glad I have it, but I wouldn't pay for a premium one again - by far the most useful thing it came with was a pair of adapters that mean it will take any blade from any other make, wherever I see them on offer or I need one at short notice.

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Cheers [mention]narp[/mention] definitely not looking at cordless. Fed up of batteries, like you say sometimes you just need to use something notcwait for it to charge up. I'll take a look at adapters as well

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I had a corded Bosch blue one that rapidly became the tool I didn't know how I'd managed to live without - it was super-useful, plenty powerful enough and well-built.

Then some hedgehog-eating pikey nicked it along with all my other stuff, which was a pity, since the ability to cut things off in tricky places would have figured heavily in the retribution I'd have dished out if I'd caught the spineless piece of sh*t. :evil:

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I have a Makita corded one and I get on really well with it. It feels good in the hand and it's got a really long, flexible cable which is more of a bonus than it sounds.

I've given it a decent bit of use - the worst probably being taping it to the end of a broomstick and using it to remove the artex from a ceiling for a couple of hours solid.

My main reasons for going with the Makita were that most/all blade patterns fit and I've got other Makita kit including a cordless drill/driver that refuses to die, no matter what I do to it.

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