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Abba or...?

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I pick up my new Triple next week, and one of the things I want to do fairly immediately is pick up a decent stand for it. At the moment I'm thinking Abba - for ease of use as much as anything else - but are there any alternatives that you fine people consider to be superior?

My main concern is the ease of getting the bike on and off the stand, more that quality of construction, as my assumption is that any of the decent brands are fit for purpose.

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Provided it suits your bike the Abba stand is pretty much all you need. I've completely dismantled both the front and rear end simultaneously on a couple of bikes using one plus a little jack at the front. Great kit.

Rarely use it for bikes with a centre stand though.

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I'd use an external stand on the Street Triple. Trying to fit a centre stand would defeat the whole purpose of the design of this bike.


As a mentioned above, Mike, I don’t think you can fit a stand to th Triple. It’s just a question of deciding which paddock or other type of stand to buy.

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I bought an Abba stand for my CB125R because there was no centre stand option, and no way to fit paddock stand bobbins with drilling into the swing arm. I was (and still am) a little nervous of trying to use a paddock stand on my own.

The Abba stand has been perfect, and I have bought the fitting kit for use on my recently acquired Street Triple. Haven’t actually used it yet, but I have no doubt that it will continue to function brilliantly!

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ABBA stand is fine if you're not in a rush.

I dropped my spanking new R1 off the abba stand by not tightening it up enough :crybaby:

I was worried about over tightening the thing, oh my how I cried :crybaby: :crybaby:

Bike had only 60 miles on it! Rookie Abba mistake, never did it again, never used it again mind :mrgreen:

Paddock stand for me from now on :thumb:

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Thanks all. My thinking, actually, is that I'm more likely to do something silly with a paddock stand than with an Abba, on the basis that there's a bit of a balancing act required each time it goes on. Am I wrong in thinking that?

I really do like the 1jac a lot, and it would be a no brainer if it wasn't for the cost. Anyone use the 1jac here?

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