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Made to feel a right wally.


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I had my son's parent evening tonight .an as we was all lined up to see what teachers we had to see .I seen this boy who I recognized and said to my son . Is that katlins brother ( my son an katlin started school togeather at 3 and been best friends ever since hes now 15) we not see her for number years

So I said katlins brother grown we not.seen him like 7 years . So my son said that's not David ooooo.ok just looks like it's sister.

.by now there parents arrived And I said I thought that was David he looks just like katlin my son looked at me !!like STFU ! :shh: :shh: ! Then katlin look alike turned and said !!! I'm not katlin anymore I'm Karl I'm trans !!! Oooooo am is that our line over there we need to see that teacher ... son... no dad this is the teacher we need to see . :damn: I could not wait to get.out there .. gets in the car .

son DDDAAAADDD I told you ages ago about him ??? :scratch:

wife you utter tit

Me !!!!WHAT !! It was an easy mistake :hammer: :hammer: :spank:

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Honest mistake........but people do what they gotta do - as long as it doesn't screw with anybody else, I don't see a problem. I mean, I even ride s motorbike. And I'm old. But I don't care. So good luck to Karl. :thumb:

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@Speedy23 I mean, I even ride s motorbike.

Whats that mean then?


It means that the letter "s" is too near the letter "a" on my tablet.......don't worry, the L-dopa will kick in soon..... :thumb:

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An honest mistake and no big deal. I have many transexual and trannie friends and we are all cool with whatever... it is only the narrow minded bigoted dickheads who we don't particularly like, but they tend to be in the minority and as long as they don't physically assault us then they are safe from having their limbs broken. Don't worry about it mate, it is fine :thumb:

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