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Always on phone battery chargers?


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Fitted dash cam to car yesterday, currently just on an ignition live but has a parking mode I'd like to use, currently rarely using car and can go weeks without driving and then it will be a short hop to hospital or physio so thought I'd add in one of the phone battery chargers as I've got a couple.

But problem with both of them is they won't output power to usb unless I press a button to turn them on, I need one that is always live on output so it can be hidden away and will charge up when ignition live and power the dash cam, then when parked if that goes flat I haven't got to worry about car not starting.

Does anyone know of any? Unfortunately not a feature which is ever mentioned on advert.

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I mean the power bank type things, e.g. https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Cell-Phone-Portable-Power-Bank-Chargers/20000mAh-Lightning-Speakers-Cellphones-Micro-USB/B0183K0GZC/ref=sr_1_2?tag=independen058-21

(That one won't work as you see it has a power button at the top)

Will try and explain better...

Currently attached dash cam to rear cigarette socket via USB socket like posted by [mention]Stu[/mention] this is hidden out of the way and ignition live only.

If I used that to plug into the input of a power bank that will charge it each time ignition is on which in turn will power dash cam.

When ignition turned off no power going to power bank at all and it will then use its own battery to power dash cam until that goes dead (but won't matter if it does).

The problem with one I've shown is the power button on the actual unit, like ones I've got, when you plug something into it they won't provide power until you press that button, as it will be hidden away need it to be always live.

Don't want to pull any power from main car battery when ignition off rather leave the dash cam off. With the battery saver type things there's no guarantee camera won't drag it down to "minimum" within a day and then I leave it another 2 weeks until I drive again.

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Dont know if this will help but few years ago when i was building my garage . I got to a point I'd run out cash so.i could not afford to out the roof on so.i could not run any electrics to the garage. But I needed my trickle charger to work . So I bought a power bank for a Mobil phone got it from China cost £10 I think . Then I bought a small caravan solar panel (another £10 )which was about size A5 . Then I plugged the solar panel to the phone bank then phone bank to trickle charger to the bike I had to change the plugs make them work .. so the solar fed the power bank then bank kept the battery full charge . As they all used very small amount of power no over heating /fires . The power bank kept it charged at night then day time charged up the power bank . Once the bike battery is full the trickle charger turns off so the bank gets topped up.. all till done the roof then electrics .

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