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First 50cc Bike.

Guest Saber

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Hey Everyone, as ive just started riding i just wanted to get as much info as i can :P

firstly, as im a tall person, i would have looked stupid on a moped, and to be honest didnt really want one anyway, so it was going to be one of the sport replicas for me. In the end as im not rich i came across and chinese import bike called a Kinroad XT-50

Allthough its a chinese import, its really good, most probably because the engines made by yamaha :lol:

So just wondering, there are a few problems, mainly clock problems, rev counter not working properly etc, but thats due to crap electrical connectors, so im replacing them slowly.

Just wondering because im new if theres anything i can do to help the bike to stay in good condition, anything to make it smoother, ride better and go faster, its allready been de ristricted.


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I presume your 16 so I cant condone derestricting it, you get collared and your gonna be in the shtuck.

Aside from that, hmmm is it a 2 stroke?

Unlikley I spose if its fairly new, decent semi synthetic engine oil, good spark plug / s are worth the money. Bit difficult as Ive no idea on the bike, derestricting a bike normally buggers up reliability; its a 50cc at the end of the day. Enjoy while youve got it and count down the days til you can upgrade to a bigger bike.


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Oh and keep off the pies, power to weight and all that, the lighter you are the better it'll go; thank god I dont have that scenario, I love me pies lol.

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lmao cheers.

Yeah im 16, its de restricted but shh :lol:

Its a 4 stroke which sounds nice :P

the specs given:

Size (L x W x H, mm): 2060 x 730 x1170

Wheelbase (mm): 1335mm

Min. Ground Clearance (mm): 130

Dry Weight (kg): 128

Tire Size (FR. /RR.): 110/90-16 120/90-15

Engine Type 1-Cylinder, 4-stroke;

Fuel tank Capacity 18 litres

Displacement 49 cc

Max. Torque (N.m. /r/min) 2.2/6250

Electric /Kick Start

12 volt electric

Ignition mode: C.D.I.

Four speed Gear box

Brakes Hydraulic Disc Front and drum rear

...But i can assure you its not an 18 litre petrol tank O.O

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yeah the 50's being restricted is dangerous. stupidly dangerous, it is just too slow. Althought my friend came off last monday... only about 5mph. He was filtering and a car pulled out of a t junction .. he went flying and pulled his kneecap off :shock: But yeah, on with the bike! :D

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Anyway, was wondering if theres point in getting a 90cc bore kit for it.. its a cheap bike so would be fun to mess around with it.

i have to wait 11 months untill my 125 sachs in the garage.. hmph.

Ive tested all the wires and conectors for my bike but the clocks are still off, the speedos not accurate and the rev counter hardly moves. this is my second set of clocks aswell and at 70 quid a time its getting anoyying. i think the rev counter could be due to , i think its the generator? a cylindrical box near the gear lever on the engine, i looked into that and thats where the rev counter wire went.. would it be possible to buy some like, yamaha clocks and use them?

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I presume your 16 so I cant condone derestricting it, you get collared and your gonna be in the shtuck.



think we should change the forum name :lol: :lol:





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