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Not sure if this has been asked before. I have passed DAS mod but failed mod 2 test 3 times. Decided to stick to 125 cc and go for a test on that. As I have passed mod 1 already on a 600 cc bike do I need to take it again on a 125 cc. Have asked DVSA they seem unsure but aired on the side of caution and said yes.

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if you are tested on a 600cc bike why are you doing A1 licence. That is limited to 125cc.


My reading of his post....

Because he has lost confidence in himself.. At this point after 3 failed attempts.

He's used to riding a 125 and for the time being it suits him to 'switch' and take the test on that.

This is perfectly normal in all other countries in Europe. If you want to ride a 125cc bike. Then pass your test.

Failing 3 times is pretty disheartening. Some people would just give up and walk away. Sticking with it. Going for the 125 test and passing that is a great first step in regaining confidence. Then.. Further down the line go for the full unrestricted by anything, test, it will cost more over the medium term.. But there are benefits too. A year or two of NCB without L plates will have a very good effect on insurance rates as and when you move onwards and upwards.

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Thanks guys

Partially right Gerontious. I am 68 years old. One was my mistake the other two I felt pretty hard done too. Not sourgrapes guys. I am not interested in speed and I ride a KTM Duke 125 which doesn't take your breath away although it is quite nippy. So I decided to stick to 125 cc bikes but would like to pass the test.. My failure on the last test was nothing to do with size of the bike. My test was almost complete. The examiner told me to turn left at a set of traffic lights. I indicated left. Unfortunately there was a road on the left. A car came down to the junction. We were in standing traffic. I was about to switch them off and let the car out but the examiner told me to turn them off. Fail! There seems very little flexibility in the test. If I was turning left there I would have turn into that road already. There was no point speaking to the examiner because on the test before that I failed I questioned what he said and he through his teddy out of the cot and stormed out. I went to look at a Honda Varadero this morning but they would not part ex my KTM for a decent price.

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Also bud reading the gov uk website the mod 2 has to be done on the same size motorbike classification as the mod 1 so seeing as you did the mod 1 on a 600 you have to do mod 2 on a 600

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I have done my Mod 2 test 5 times and passed in the last attempt... I know how frustrating and expensive it gets, but trust me: It all is worth once it's past you!

Sounds like you were very unlucky, which honestly happened to me a couple of times! The last one, was a good ride, no crazy drivers or interruptions, and I passed. You will, as well.

In the end, it is totally up to you. I would personally try again if I had the money and the motivation!

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