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Hi Everyone,

Last night the studio my sister had her drumkit was in was broken into and they have cleared the place out.

They have taken my sister's drums, a soundboard, microphones and a whole bunch of guitars. These guitars used to belong to my sister's friend (Pip) who died a month or 2 ago.

My sister played in a band with this friend and the friend (Lee) who discovered the break in at about 10am this morning. The break happened over night we know this much. The gutting thing is we held my sister's 30th birthday party last night and Pips death had just begun to heal in their hearts. Lee and his sister's husband had put a lot of work into doing up the studio after Pips death and planned to continue his legacy in it.

They don't care about the money of these items, nothing would ever be able to match the sentimental value. This incident happened in the Chorlton area of Manchester and was clearly organised as they cleared out so much and left the gym above the studio alone. Can anyone in and around Manchester please keep an eye out for a large amount of music equipment coming up for sale.

Naturally my sister, her handmade and his brother in law are all devastated. Any help tracking this down would be appreciated. I will try get more info and descriptions on what was stolen.

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"We are all devastated. The studio was broken into and pretty much cleaned out. Please be on the lookout for very unusual Shergold guitars, a Gretch Les Paul (Pip’s guitars) and a soundcraft LX7 desk. "

Brief description by the sister of Lee.

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Very sorry to hear this matey. :(

In addition to the usual drum/guitar/bass forums you could also try posting something on Rock of the North (https://m.facebook.com/groups/14055660842/). You never know...

Just don't mention my name on any of those forums - I got banned from most of them after Cilla died for my injudicious use of the phrase 'mersey trout.'


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