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Challenge 2019 - Map and Pictures ONLY


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This year is bigger than ever before!

Remind me what I need to do…..

1. Go to this thread and grab yourself a unique number: https://www.themotorbikeforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=68681

2. Check the map here to find out where you need to go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11pQr2GCmVJnO7FpqY15tG4gaT0Ac4X8N&usp=sharing Some people are having issues with the link so try this one too https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=11pQr2GCmVJnO7FpqY15tG4gaT0Ac4X8N&ll=50.439222017295705%2C21.850018574999922&z=4


REMOVED: Yr Ysgwrn LL41 4UW

REPLACED Statue of Hedd Wyn LL41 4SB

3. Take a picture of you or your bike outside the location with your number in sight

4. Post that picture in this thread

5. Update your point total (found in your profile)

6. Have fun!

General tags. This year there are 12 tags per mainland UK region PLUS bonus rounds in the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland making it the most points possible ever! Also it gives you even less excuses as to why you haven’t got any!!


Green Bike - Racetracks

Knife and fork – Café

Tree – National Park / Stately Home

M Block – Museum

Burger – Rantmachine’s Denver Challenge


North Scotland - Red

South Scotland – Dark Blue

North West and East England - Yellow

East Midlands - Light Green

West Midlands - Blue

East of England - Purple

South East England - Orange

South West England – Dark Red

North Wales - Black

South Wales – Grey

Isle of Man – Brown

Northern Ireland – Dark Orange

10 points per tag. complete a region get 50 points bonus

Bonus Rounds!

This year there are a lot of opportunities to get bonus points.

Race Tracks - there are 20 tracks (on the map as a green motorbike, obviously) each worth 10 points. Some are kart tracks but google assures me there is a large sign out front to get a picture with. The larger circuits as long as you have a sign or clearly readable flag in the picture it counts. Complete the set get 100 bonus points (because seriously if you get them all you deserve it!!!!)

Dealerships - Find a dealer bag 10 points! Those crafty ones amongst you may know a location that has multiple dealerships in it! Great! More points for you. If you can get a member of staff to (knowingly) be in the picture as well I'll give you FIVE WHOLE BONUS POINTS! Get all 10 get 50 points bonus.

1. Aprillia

2. BMW Motoraad (no cheating, no car only dealerships please!)

3. Ducati

4. Harley Davidson

5. Honda

6. Kawasaki

7. KTM

8. Suzuki

9. Triumph

10. Yamaha

Pub Round - As usual, list of 10 pubs, get a pub with one of the below names get 10 points, get all 10 get 50 points bonus.

Scottish “oh my god why don’t you people have more pubs” Rule: if you can’t find the exact pub anywhere near by (and I am trusting you to at least have a go!) then you get more flexibility so as long as one word is correct I’m going to give you the points! For example, instead of the “White Hart” if you get a “White Elephant” or “White House” then fine, points for you. I don’t want to hear moaning from the rest of you, you have lots of pubs. Seriously, you try finding all these pubs within 300 miles of each other in Scotland!

1. Red Lion

2. White Hart

3. Swan

4. Plough

5. Rose & Crown

6. Kings Arms

7. Hare & Hounds

8. Chequers

9. Rising Sun

10. Travellers Rest

As always this thread is for PICTURES ONLY. If you want to moan.. I mean.. discuss the challenge in any way please go here: https://www.themotorbikeforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=68893

Have fun, ride safe and GO GO GO!

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[mention]Hoggs[/mention] a balmy 8 deg C so a quick blast to clear the head an get the following tags.


The White Heart



British Motor Museum at Gaydon


Rose and Crown Warwick.

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Nice run out today. Some pubs and dealers


Plough at Warmington


Chequers at Ettington


Touchdown Cafe at Wellesbourne


Triumph Stratford


Honda Stratford


Stratford Armouries

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The Red Lion at Hunningham




The Heritage Centre




Touchdown Cafe



Triumph Stratford ( I know that there’s a Honda bike dealership next door, but where’s the fun in that? )




Stratford Armories



Ducati Coventry




Yamaha Bedworth




Travellers Rest Bedworth



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