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Snapped key :(

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Ok, so like a twat I managed to snap my key off in the steering wheel lock. The spare key the previous owner gave me is not a spare at all, so now I can't ride my bike because my only key is now snapped lol

I managed to tweeze it out, but not had much luck finding a locksmith to make a replica for me.

What are my options here?

I have a zontes tiger 125. Thanks

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Not sure where you are located (update your profile) - Someone close may be able to help.

Contact a dealer who should be able to provide a blank - Locksmiths are probably not helping as they will not carry these blanks as standard stock.

Once you have the correct blank, then most (if not all) locksmiths will be able to cut one for you.

Tip - Get two done!

Also, worth checking with the dealer to see if they can get pre-cut keys (they will need the number off the side of the key and your registration details (including {sometimes} the frame number).

If all that fails - then only option is to buy a complete new ignition barrel and swap it out.


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Thanks for the reply guys.

Ok so I had no luck with any auto locksmiths, nobody has the blank for it, and zontes don't sell any. The only other option was to by a new ignition barrel and fuel cap set with new keys.

However, my old man was convinced he could make one, so he dug out a bit of scrap metal, use the original key as a te,player and filed me a new key...which works! lol it's not perfect, but at least I can ride it again.

After looking around more online, I found some blank scooter keys from china which seem to be the right measurements. It will be a while until they get here but when they do I'll take them down to a locksmith with the original and hopefully get another two keys cut!

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Are these guys any good for your keys or lock set?......https://www.chinesemotorcyclepartsonline.co.uk/search?pagesize=15&category=31013&pageno=1


Unfortunately not pal, they don't seem to have for zontes. Must not be a common brand even in china! :roll: loll


Good ol dads .. back when you had to fix rather than buy new .. :cheers:


You know it mate. He hates all these new motors because they are all electrics nowadays. He loves to remind me how back in the day you could fix your car with a screwdriver or just make a part for it haha.

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