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Hitch motorbike rack/ carrier for 220kg Triumph?


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Hi All, newbie here, great forum with loads of good bits of info.

I'm looking for a way of taking my soon incoming Triumph Scrambler 1200 with me on my travels. I drive a VW Amarok pick up truck with HD rear axle leaf springs that can take up to 1t of load. Tow bar fitted. Ideally a hitch type but giving the dry weight of 207kg I have only found one on Amazon that claims 600lb capacity. May possibly end up with a trailer. Will need to be able to load and unload by myself. Any help or suggestions appreciated, many thanks!

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Doubt you will find an off the shelf carrier for that weight, if you want best way would be to get an adjustable hitch fitted


Then get a carrier made to go onto the back plate, get an extra pin and you can use a saddle with 2 pins, I made something similar many years ago

Towbar are designed to take shunt weights, they ain't really designed to take 250kg bouncing up and down constantly.

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220kg is likely to be too heavy for a tow bar hitch.

Most cars can only have a tow hitch of 75kg, Althpugh your Amarok will be higher (My Dsicovery can have a htch load of 125kg, i would expect similar for the Amarok)

But its still not enough to carry your Triumph.

As suggested above, trailer is your best bet. Easier to load as well.

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Many thanks to everyone for warm welcome and all the advice. I did not really think I could fit all that weight to a tow bar, more like some support support frame to rear chassis, as they sometimes do on motorhomes. With a little side ramp the loading looked reasonably ok, at least it can only fall one way towards you ;)

Really like the motolug, that may be the way forward for me as I have no room to store a trailer.

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