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Buzzing headlight


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I have a Peugeot boxer van 17 Plate and the drivers side headlight has dropped very low and when stood next to the headlight you can hear it buzzing as if it’s trying to level itself and somethings seized? Was wondering if anyone knows of a simple fix to this problem? It’s still under warranty so can go to the dealer if need be but it’s just finding the time to take it and be without it etc.

Thanks in advance

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My guess would be the headlight height adjustment motor..

Back to dealer as it can burn out or break mechanism

see if you find the relevant fuse for it and remove or if you can see wiring plug that powers it to isolate to prevent further damage .

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Problem is I’m shipping it to Dublin on Monday to work over there for a few weeks and flying home for the weekends so it’s going to be a while before I can get it checked out at a dealer, couldn’t of happened at a worse time to be honest!

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Well there’s good news and bad news, bad news is one of the lads I work with, his van’s turbos blown and due to the mileage it looks like it won’t be getting repaired... good news is it’s the same model as mine but slightly older so I’ve swapped the headlights over and it works fine again :cheers:

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What do you install? For a living, I mean.

Just being nosey, I install Air conditioning and refrigeration (not so much nowadays) systems.


I mainly install steel security doors and fire doors (go to many places you wouldn’t know existed without doing such a job!)

Moved into the timber market as well around 18 months ago so also install a lot of timber security doors as well as fire doors.

Also after the whole Grenfell tower situation a lot of buildings such as schools wanted their fire doors inspecting so I got qualified to be a fire door inspector which not only gives me something else to put on my cv it also brings in a lot more work doing the inspections, fixing problems or completely replacing door sets.

I’ve got experience doing roller shutters, sectional doors and garage doors etc but I much prefer the hinges door side of things.

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