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Long shot bike hunt


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This is a wee bit of a longshot but, 

A few years ago my fiancees father built a motorbike. It was subsequently sold when he became ill and he has since passed away.

We were looking through old photos from when she was growing up and she mentioned it was her dads and her favorite bike he built.

What id like to do is find it and see if i can buy it to restore and give to her as a surprise. wedding gift.

I looked up the reg and although it has not been mot'd since 2012 it still is sorn. DVLA confirmed it gets sorn every year but can say where it's located.

It a Custom Suzuki Chopper 1170cc built 1992

Reg : Q353PTS

I know this is a huge longshot but its worth asking, I will look out a photo of it when she isn't going about.


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A bit odd that it gets SORNed every year. The original SORN rules meant that you had to re-register as SORN annually but they changed that ages ago. Once a vehicle is on SORN it stays that way until it is either sold, scrapped (and notification sent off) or taxed. If it is being declared every year then it is being bought and sold on again which increases the chances of finding it. People in the classic bike world tend to notice bikes that come up for sale on a regular basis.

However if they mean it is simply on a current SORN - that sadly is no guarantee it is still in existence. Hopefully it is - just stashed away in someone's garage awaiting restoration.

Lovely idea - hope you can find it.

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I SORN my GSXR for six months every year .


Ah yes, if it's in intermittent use then that would account for it being repeatedly SORNed. But then it should also be showing as annually taxed.

It might be worth seeing if there is an owner's section on a classic bike forum.

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It would be pretty hard to get an address of its current owner , have you not got any old paper work for it like insurance or something with the vin number , with vin you can get the location of the mot station that last tested it , they might know who owns it or point you in the right direction .

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Some photos would be helpful BUT if this is a chopper then its highly likely that the bike has been drastically re-styled or had it's colour scheme changed by subsequent owners .

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Hello :cheers:

Try find some chopper / large chopper forums, im in to that scene don't you know! good luck and if you do find it send me a pic of your chopper !!


:shock: :shock:

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Thanks for the replies. I found a picture but it's not the best or good at all in fact but hopefully it grabs someone's attention.

The hunt goes on.....


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