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is this radiator grill fitted correctly?


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just wanted to check this rad grill was fitted right. its a beowulf grill and it says it uses the original bolts but ive had to use much longer bolts than the origional




as you can see in pics the bolts are much longer




grill seems to be secure but i dont know how tight the bolts should be or if i should use bolt spacers or something, obviously if i tighten them too much the grill will bend.

in pics of them on google the bolt section of the grill does fit flat with the original bolts, they usually have a 90 degree bend but on this grill they come straight down so just want to know if this is ok or if i need to make any adjustments.

this is the link to the beowulf website if you want to take a look https://beowulfuk.com/product/radiator-guard-er6-f-n-09-11-highly-polished-mirror-finish/

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The Beowulf website says " Very easy to fit using original bolts " with no mention of any spacers . So , no , that doesn't look right at all . Is it in contact with the radiator surface or is there a gap ? I'd take it off and have another look .

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This one uses spacers . EDIT.. BUT in the YouTube vid this particular make does NOT use spacers . It just hooks over the top and is held in place by ONE bolt , the other one is fitted just for show because there is only one lug on the bike ( models vary ) Confusing.


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Thanks for the reply’s. It’s definitely The right grill for the bike unless the pics and info on the website are wrong. and it is sat flat against the rad there’s no gap. It all lines up right but the bolt holes for the grill go straight down when others I look at have a 90 degree bend so the bolt holes sit flush against the Radiator bolt holes. Because theses are towards the back of the rad underneath. (Maybe my rad is in backwards it would fit flat then lol). I will take it off and double check when I can but I might try some spacers.

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