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Suzuki GN125 03 plate issues!!


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Hi everyone, I really hope someone out there can help me as im extreamly close to giving up on my lovely bike!!

The bike just will. not. start.

I have checked over everything, I have checked the spark plug, taken the carb off and apart and cleaned and put it all back together. The real confusing thing is when I try and bump it, the engine does start, but once we stop pushing or it looses momentum and the engine has to try and work on its own, it dies immediatly.

It is very frustrating, I have tried a new battery, fully charged my old one, tried that and still no luck. No matter what we do with it, it just does the same thing, at a standstil will click and turn over as if it is trying to start but just isnt catching, and when bumping, just starts and cuts out the second the throttle is added.

Please if there is anyone out there with any ideas, or if you need any more info just let me know!!

Thanks :)

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yeah it was working okay before this, it was a little difficult to start but nothing i couldnt deal with by trying to start, leaving for a few minutes and trying again, if not bumping.

Its not had any work done on it recently, ive had it and working since july, it used to start first time everytime, chalked up the difficulty starting to the colder weather, e.g. taking a little longer, more attempts to get it going, but once its going and warm it runs beautifully. But now, its not even starting.

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Check the petrol tap is on . Then I say the fuel filter check that . .then the fuel.lines see if any blocked twisted .As if it starts but cuts out is not getting fuel I had this on my bike changed the fuel filter no probs ( till the last time) lol

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If its getting to you leave the bike alone for a day of 2 .. As I was doing my nut as mine would not start then 2 days away I got it going again ..

Sounds like it need petrol like it's not getting any to fire the engine . Try the above and it will start .. the guys on here will help ..

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