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IT'S ALIVE IT'S ALIVE YUMMY well its half way


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Ok ok calm down calm down . Well as you guys will have seen I been asking about my bike not starting . Well last week or so if been trying to get it to start and with help more you guys as well its not been going well till Tuesday-wednesday I was :bang: :bang: about to do my nut . Last straw was my multimeter got on my :yay: tits and I broke it so I had cupl days away playing with my other toys . ( don't mean my wife my action man collection ) so today we past a bike shop so in asked for a part bought it went home left it in the garage so tonight I thought ooo that part after I posted my last post in the other thread i went out to the garage stripped the side off the bike and battery. Put in the new part contacted the battery .. pushed the starter and it . Turned over so.i did it about 5 or 6 times (didn't start the bike up as it to late.to rev the shite out of it ) so what was the part ..... starter solenoid.. . As I thought I broke the muilt meter well looks.like I didn't it was all ready f**ked.. So it's gone in the bin (when the new.leads arrive they all so will be )

So out for a ride tommorow .... yippy..

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Shut up lol .. Well been out 3 times in 2 days and boy was it.fun . Also it starts 1st time no need to pull the choke just turn push the button and away we go .. .

Just one more question what size fuse is supposed to be in the solenoid as I had a 30 amp but the new one has 15amp . I don't have a book to check but iv looked on the net and I cant.see any info

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Hi . Cheers as iv looked at the ones on eBay and on dav silver site and they all look like green 30s amps fuses . But reasons I asked is in case 30 was to high that's why is broke as the fuse is ok But the solenoid is bust i thought it might have burnt out but not enough to pop the fuse . As if left the 15 in there now till i find out more ..

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