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Petrol oil and engine oil?


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Hi all :)

Me 1st post in ages.

What it is i was driving home today ,when i was up shifting through the gears it got stuck on 3rd on would not go into 4th.

So i pulled over and manually forced it into 4th and everything was ok from then on in.

Now I'm thinking i need an engine oil change?

I have an aprilia rs 2001 125cc bike and got told that the pertol oil (2 stroke) is all i need for my bike?

Is this true or do i need separate engine oil for the gears etc....?

Thanks :)

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Yes if they are a 2 stroke engine that is correct. Check you are using the recommended fuel:oil ratio and that you use a quality oil.

2 stroke engines do not have a seperate oil chamber as they are designed for excellent power : weight performance by virtue of less engine components-- they wear out much quicker than 4 stroke engines -- in fact they use something around a gallon of oil per 1000 miles and are very likely to be banned in future---especially those on outboards

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I think the RS125 does have a different oil for the gearbox.

Have you got the owners handbook? It'll tell you if there's a different oil required.

Is there a filler cap on the gearbox?

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