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Bit of advice for a newbie


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Hi all,

Looking to upgrade my FZ6 Fazer. I passed my test last year and although this was perfect for me to learn on, I've just outgrown it. It's a bit small and well.. it just hasn't got enough poke for me now. Took my girlfriend on the back and I found it struggled a tad (and she's no heifer).

So, I have around 5k to play with and looking for something that's got a bit of pace and can carry a pillion passenger without much strain and a bit of comfort for the pillion too. I like the look of the MT-09, Triumph Street Triple, Kawa Z900 etc but now sure how suitable these naked bikes are for carrying pillion (they don't look too good from what I've read). The Triumph XR looks nice too but I'm not sure I want a tourer as I was looking for something that's exciting to ride, like the MT-09.

So just wondering if anyone out there can think of anything else that may fit the bill. I'm only 5' 7'' so not sure a huge bike will be best suited for my size (which is why I was looking at the mid-range naked bikes). I probably do 50/50 city and country riding, so it has to be an all rounder too, something nimble but performs well on motorways. Never owned a racing bike but think I'm passed it now anyhow as I'm the wrong side of 40 :-)

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to TMBF mate. ......... 8-)

Visit some dealers with your girlfriend and sit on a few of these bikes and see how you both feel about the comfort........then test ride any likely candidates....... 8-)

From your list, I'd say that the MT09 or Z900 would be better suited for taking a pillion...... 8-)

Or......plan B........get your girlfriend to do her bike test and get her own bike...... :wink:

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The Z900 is a great bike, I doubt you'd be able to pick one up for 5k though.

Never had a go on the MT-09, but the reviews suggest it's a cracker.

The Z1000SX would tick all your boxes, but then again I'm biased in that department. :thumb:

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I wanted an MT-09 but wanted to be able to take a pillion with me when I wanted and I wanted a bit more wind protection than a naked bike gives so I went for the tracer 900 (shares the same engine) and I love it 👍

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I'd second the call for Z1000SX. Had (still have, not sold yet) the new shape SV650 and as much as I loved what it did, it did feel very cramped two-up. Still working my way round the Kawasaki as it's very different to the SV, but with a pillion it's a dream. I'd go as far as to say you hardly notice they're there.

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