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how frequent do you change your oil filter? cb125f


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Hi there,

I have an upcoming service to clean my internal oil filter (strainer) on my cb125f at 2500. It indicates that I need to clean it every oil change so 2500 miles and 5000 miles 7500 miles and so on.

Although, it takes a long time to remove the whole clutch cover and replace the gasket every oil change.

So will there be any issues if I delay it to every other oil change e.g instead of 2.5k i do it at 5k?

*i change my oil every stated period in the service book


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If the book says every 2.5k then that's what I'd do. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. I'm a bit surprised that it's that frequent to be honest but they don't hold a huge amount of oil so err on the side of better safe than sorry. Once the filter gets dirty its ability to clear the oil of particles that could block oil passages is reduced.

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The strainer is a faff to pull out, mainly as you have to be careful with the clutch cover gasket. If you tear that you need to replace it or risk an oil leak. So I used to keep one spare just in case.

I noted if you used a good oil on time, the strainer didn't accumulate any debris. So in the end I gave it a blast of brake cleaner every 2nd oil change. This is obviously not what the service book suggests. But I had seen one on a bike that had never cleaned the strainer in over 15k miles and it was accumulating debris around the outside but still largely clear.

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That does seem like a short interval to be honest. My Honda 125 the book says every 7500 miles to clean it. Apparently on the newest ones it is now every 10k. An oil change every 2500 miles though.

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