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Where to buy an indicator relay


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Hello all,

I have a 2004 Honda Transalp and it has a problem with the indicator control. I've not long had this bike and I noticed when riding that the left right control toggle on the bar is a little stiff and spongy feeling and didn't always actually fire the indicator which I put down to it being full of crud and is on my list for a good cleaning. However, on further tinkering I've noticed that it sometimes takes a moment, a second or two, after pushing the lever before the indicator fires up. Some brief searching suggested that a dicky relay could be the culprit.

So my question is, should I prove that the relay is duff, where would you recommend I go for a new one?

Thanks, Tim

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Have you cleaned out the switch gear yet? The stiff, spongy feeling would be to do with the switch gear. The delay could be the relay, or the switch gear. Once the indicators are on are the flashes consistent?

I bought my relay from ebay with no problem. If you are just looking for a direct replacement then search for the part number or the specifications that are normally written on the side of the relay. You could always go to your local dealer too. or WeMoto

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Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

I have not cleaned out the switch gear yet and that will be my first job because all that'll cost is a bit of time. Once the indicators are on they do seem to flash consistently as expected. I'll see how it goes but it's good to know where other folks go for their spares, so thanks for that too.

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