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Advice buying used Bike from Dealer


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Hi Folks

I have arranged a test ride on a used 2009 Kawasaki ER6F with 15000 miles on the clock for £2800. It has a part service history but not recently. It has only done 2000 miles in the past 3.5 years

As I am a complete newby how should I get piece of mind on the purchase? Can I ask for an independent inspection? or ask them to do a full service before I buy? Or just buy a warranty? Would that protect me for the obvious things that might go wrong with an old, low miles bike? Is it things like battery, tyres, fuel tank, fluids, seals that I need to ensure are ok? Any other tips?

I don't want to be lumped with any large bills when this is already the top end of my budget for my first bike

Much appreciated

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You can ask the dealer for any of those things, none of them are uncommon.

I'm not sure you easy it would be to get a warranty on a bike that age - you might find it relatively expensive. Ask what the dealer's standard warranty is as they're obliged to some extent.

The stuff you've listed as wanting protection from are all wear & tear which no warranty I've heard of will cover you against. You're best bet is to check or have it checked before purchase and keep up a regular service schedule.

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Every second hand bike I have bought from a dealership came with a fresh service and 3 month 90 day warranty + MOT with no advisories. as well as a multi-point checklist and HPI report. And, finally. 6 months tax sorted for the bike.

These are the very minimum you should expect.

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I had same concerns. This is what i did.

1) check mot, accident and stolen history.

2) check paperwork, vin number etc

3) inspect bike, lights, breaks, tires, engiine sound etc (for for online checklist)

4) test ride

On my test ride it was very hard to turn the bike, breaks werent great and clutch was stiff.

Potential red flags but it was cheap fixes.

Increased tire pressure (25p), cleaned break pads, replaced clutch cable (£16).

Im quite a novice to bikes but in my limited expierance engine sound, checking for leaks and test ride are a must.

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