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Its in the correct place, but are you sure there isn’t a seal in there already. Just looked at mine and the seal is very deep in the grove.

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If I remember right when I bought a new Givi top box it took a bit of pressure to close the lid when it was new. My guess is the new seal needs to be pressed very firmly into the groove and then will need to bed in for a while. If it's tricky to press into the recess try giving a spray with a weak solution of washing up liquid first. The seal sits well down in the groove so it does need pressing in quite firmly.

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[mention]JRH[/mention] [mention]Mississippi Bullfrog[/mention] - Thanks both for your replies.

Does the seal go all the way around the recess and meet in the middle?

I will try a bit of washing up solution and force in the gap as far as i can.

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I'm scrapping my smashed up Givi top box, 52litre. You're welcome to have the seal?


that is very kind, thank you. I have a new seal from Givi. I am just struggling to fit properly that's all.

I hope it's just the box and not the bike that's smashed!

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All sorted. Turns out the old gasket was tucked up in the recess. GIVI customer service were superb emailing me with the following:-

Good afternoon

I have performed a replacement test on one of our E460 Demo Boxes, please see below the steps I undertook in replacing the Seal:

Firstly I would advise unscrewing one end on both Yarns so the Box sits Flat.

Next using a small Flat Screwdriver remove the old Seal.

Then when fitting the new Seal I would advise using a ruler to gently compress the Seal into place, as it is elastic you will need to stretch the Seal in order to fit evenly around the Box.

Finally close and Lock the Lid to ensure working operation.

I hope my steps help, however if you require any further assistance please let me know.

Kind regards

Steven Fletcher


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