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Winter hack


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Sorry to be here with another ‘what bike should I get’ question but I’m thinking about another bike and am clueless on what.

The 9T’s not going anywhere, we are as one as we have always been but the amount of detritus plastered over it after every ride stresses me out a bit and because I mainly cut things so fine timing wise I don’t rinse it off after a ride. I initially remedied this by booking a valet every 3 months but it turns out a valet every three months just ain’t going to keep its looks where I want them.

So this winter hack thing I’ve heard mentioned by others might be the answer. Something that’s not prone to rusting, is fun to ride and can be loaded up with ugly panniers. Something available used so I don’t fret about the state of it would be good. Obviously I’m drawn to BMW because it’s so well balanced but I’d consider anything worthy of long distances and prefer not to have a chain to maintain.

Have you got a winter hack and if not then what would get and why?


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Haven't got one and don't like riding on salty roads, snow or ice.

But, if I wanted to ride regularly through the winter I'd look for a Honda Deauville, because it's a Honda and it's got shaft drive and panniers. Alternatively, a BMW F800GT, because it's a BMW and it's got belt drive and panniers.

Or, if distances are going to be short, something smaller, lighter and cheaper which could slide down the road once or twice through Winter then be skipped come Spring time.

Let us know if you find something that persuades you .....

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This is pretty much why I got the CG. I can do my "domestic" riding and not give a shit about it.

All I've done to it is stick a top box and hand muffs on it. It does exactly what it needs to do while using tiny amounts of fuel.

In an ideal world it would have a bit more power as it struggles on the motorway and a stiffer frame as it can be a bit floppy in the corners when getting on.

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