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From Adelaide to Perth - Ducati 748R


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After a tortuous search for a genuine 748R, my resto (actually refresh more than resto) - (Aust was and is not high on the list of allocations of limited edition models for Ducatis) I located a likely prospect..

After negotiating with an elder Ducati 748R owner who had it in his backyard shed for the past three years as he couldn't manage the riding position - he put it on the market, took it off, and repeat that about 3 times. Then, thank god, he gifted it to his son who was keen to sell the by now unregistered bike..

After verifying the bike with Ducati and organising a pre-purchase inspection by a generalist mechanic who I had to give a checklist to for this particular model. There is only one Ducati service centre in Adelaide and my request to them spelt out in the subject line what I was after - got a notification by the email system that it was deleted "unread" - f**kers.

After dealing with a transport Co for the 2700km trip from Adelaide to Perth and getting constantly changing dates and times as to where it was and when it might be delivered. Honestly, you send a $10 package with tracking through Australia Post and you know what's going on every step of the way.

At last she is bedded down in my reorganised garage. "Reorganised" means that the backup car car has been booted outside. I have put down Rustoleum's Rock Solid Gun Metal Grey coating over my 1/2 of the garage and got a hydraulic bench lift at last. Obviously to put down the coating all my work benches had to go so it looks a bit bare - soon it will be a bloody great mess.

And finally, although no photographer and certainly no videographer I have some media to show my bikes. Cheers.





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