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Mod 1 Pass today - I was lucky!

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Hi all,

Newb to the forum and bikes in general, cars being my thing for years.

Anyway a holiday in 2018 with friends both into bikes, talk moves on to the new Honda monkey, by the end of the holiday we both had an order in for 1.

CBT and theory done in October and legal to go albeit with L plates, I wanted to get more training and my license done just to better my experience and to lose the L plates being a bonus.

So 2 half day training sessions done and mod 1 today, passed with no minors so pleased about that. Given the moment I’d entered the enclosure and gate closed I’d realised I hadn’t buckled up my helmet!

Think this would have been a fail if noticed so it was head down while in conversation with the examiner... a close call but a pass is a pass!

Now time to try look at bigger bikes - nope not for me.. although that Duke 390 and Duc scrambler look nice :)

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Thanks for your warm welcome.

mod 2 booked and planning on using the Monkey through 2019 then see what happens.

Defo won’t get a sport bike as such, want to take it easy and progress slowly to gain experience first.

I do like that Duke 390 though..

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I think I see a slippery slope ahead I’m only here for the enablers :D

It’s like a whole new world that’s opening up for me!

and like a kid in a sweet shop looking at all the different bike styles and types. Not even sure what my future bike should be yet. Certainly felt very alien walking into a bike shop for clothing and a helmet for the first time.

Lots of reading forums including this one and YouTube has helped a lot!

Sound like this could get expensive! Even the monkey mods and yoshi exhaust is starting to rack up costs. Think I need to start taking deliveries at work to stay under the radar :lol:

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congrats! if you realise your helmet is undone on the road though PLEASE promise me you'll pull over and do it up!!


Thanks! Yeah really pleased to have passed today for sure. And yeah goes without saying, never done that before so not usual, I put in down to the strange test environment I found myself in and probably some nerves.

Thing is I realised after just pulling into the test site and knew if I drew attention to it I’d fail as already moved off from the parking Bay.

Thought sod it just get on with it. Apart from that it was a clean run, so today I got lucky.

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