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over used word


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That new bike is awesome. New pattern Arai helmet: awesome. These heated grips are awesome. I changed my exhaust and now the bike sounds awesome.

It's all too awesome for words in a way that can only be described can as awesome.

This thread is awesome. And it's just totally awesome being a part of it.

Awesome. Absolutely Awesome.


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Having taken three flights this week I have to say that almost anything that comes of the mouths of cabin crew gets my vote. Amongst their endless stream of barely intelligible drivel I reserve a special hatred for their constant use of "At this time".

"At this time we ask you to return to your seats..."

"If we can be of any assistance at this time..."

"We ask you to watch the safety demonstration at this time..."


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It begs the question whats said when something happens that is ‘literally awesome’ what words are you supposed to use, what if something is oh my god amazing/awesome and they’ve literally already been used up on piffle? What are you going to say then? “Thankyou very much that’s completely mediocre”

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"Obviously" when said in a certain patronising tone as part of an answer to a question. If it was bloody obvious I wouldn't have asked the question would I?

Also the phrase "at this moment in time" so beloved of politicians. In fact if I think about it every word uttered by any politician is usually over used, distorted and seems to be the exact opposite of the dictionary definition.

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One that goes very well with the patronising overtones of “obviously” is “If you think about it” as if you’re to stupid or lazy to have thought about it.

Or how about the ancient management speak that is still used by useless managers- “think outside the box” grrrrrr.

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