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Think I've been suckered


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It's been 3 weeks since I paid a fella on a Facebook Busa group for a sub frame & not received it, he's made the right noises via messenger but my patience is wearing thin now.

Do I, give him a time limit ultimatum threatening to post a copy of our messenger chats to the Facebook group ? Or just keep nagging him via messenger ?




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It is a bit too long to feel comfortable about isn’t it.

You did say “no rush” and if he’s busy this could have easily turned into a mañana job.

I’d directly ask him- Is this arriving, if so when or will you be needing to take action to retrieve the money you have paid him.

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Thanks for the replies chaps, I put a comment on the Facebook group on the original post but then had 2nd thoughts & deleted it, but it bumped the post to the top plus he may have read it before I deleted it, anyway as if by magic


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You have to tread really careful buying stuff like outside of say ebay etc as you have no backing!

I recently bought some handle bars for the BMW and while they where only £25 it was still a worry waiting to see if they turned up but true to the guys word they turned up really quickly!

There is some genuine people out there but there is a lot of dodgy folk!

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I approach it from the “am I alright to lose this money” stance.

Bought an O3 steriliser recently direct from China cost me £47. Over here from a reputable source the same one is £250 plus p&p. Even though the price difference indicated a high chance of being ripped off I decided that was worth the risk.

5 weeks later much to my surprise the genuine article turned up. If I’d lost the £47 I would have just worn it. That’s a type of gambling I can enjoy.

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Glad it looks like it's sorted, I think the guy is on here and was afraid six would turn up in Slowlycatchymonkey's hat


I'd be afraid of that :shock:

I never considered the chap might be on here, anyway I can get stuck in & change subs soon, time flies, got loads of plans for this year :cheers:

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