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rear suspension hard/not working


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So I own a Kawasaki klx 125 and I've been having this problem for ages, the shock doesn't seem to push the bike back up when it goes down when sitting/pushing it down, its also very hard and not soft.

I have tried the following,

Changing all the bearings that are linked to the shock and have also got another shock from ebay and changed it and it does the same thing. Any ideas?

I can provide a video if needed.

Thanks for reading,


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This shock from eBay, maybe it's shagged as well . Does it have adjustable rebound damping and spring preload ? Try setting the damping to minimum and the spring to maximum and work backwards from there . When you had the shock off did everything move freely then ? Errm ..how much do you weigh by the way ? Let's see this video.

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Hi, First off I would slacking the four bolts quite alot on the linkage underneath swingarm, and then see if you can move suspension up and down. and if still no movement undo swingarm bolt.

You never said if it's something you brought or you have ridden before?

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