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Chain problems with YBR 125


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Hello all!

So i recently fitted a new drive chain and sprocket set, insuring to the align the rear wheel, properly lubricate the chain and maintain the correct amount of chain slack.

However, whenever I release the throttle a strange slapping / loud clicking noise comes from what sounds like it could be the chain. The faster I am going when i come off the throttle, the louder the noise is. Whenever I apply any throttle, the noise is none existent.

What would be some other potential causes of this and what would you propose to be a good course of action?

A little note that might be useful, the replacement chain was somewhat smaller than the original. I had plenty of free play in the rear wheel/swingarm adjusters but it did mean that when i moved the rear wheel in, the drum brake was forced to rotate slightly. There's a supporting bar holding the drum brake in place alas rotation was necessary.

Hopefully someone can get a good grip on what i'm describing, first time posting here so sorry it's a bit wayward.

Warm wishes


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Hi and welcome, make sure one of your rear sprocket bolts hasn't worked loose and is hitting the chain guard . This happened to me recently and I could only hear it when I throttled back . Do you mean that the new chain has less links or do you just mean that it isn't heavily stretched ?

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