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Will having my new sidewinders mounted here cook my shock fluid?


<t>Will it cook?</t>  

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  1. 1. Will it cook?

    • Yes it will boil and explode...!
    • No, don't be stupid.

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It actually made my hair stand on end, sounds insane...

Kinda like an R32 turbo lol... I reckon it will spit flames by all the popping and banging... Just been a 2min test start so far in the garage at 7pm... Neighbours won't be happy as it is haha.

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I said yes but I no idea looks the mutts nutts tho .

I had an exhaust problem many years ago I had a GPZ500 and was planing a trip to Scotland with the Mrs on the back. So.as you know woman like to take the world and the kitchen sink with them . So I got some saddle bags as tank bag and top box was full . So I thought the saddle bags was to close to the exhaust. So.i fitted an aluminium plate to cover the exhaust then fitted another plate on top of that with an inch gap between the 2 plates .

My thinking is the 1st plate with take all the heat off the exhaust then the inch gap between the top plate with alow the cold air to blow thro stopping the top.plate getting hot .. as the saddle bag had about an inch between the top.plate and the bottom of the saddle bag . Keeping.everything cool . So off we go we just about coverd 100 miles on the M5.M6 when a few.cars was passing me beeping there horns ????what's up with them looks behind me.nothing the mrs still on the back ????? I thought it must be me doing 90 they dont.like .. Then a guy on an R1 comes.along.side me.and.waves and.shouts !!!! Your bikes on fire !!! WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!! So I pulls on to the hard shoulder stops the bike we both get off the guy has stopped as.well and.hes running back towards me and I see flames an smoke coming off the saddle bag above.the EXHAUST.. just then BANG!!! the bag explodes I grab the saddle bag strap an pull it off the bike thro it on the floor and.stamping on it to put out flames .

The bang was a can of hair spray going off.. all my wife's clothes and stuff was burned or wasted by the heat . Yet the top plate was cold to touch just less than 2 mins after I taken the burning bag off it . .

So will it get hot and blow up mmmmmmm I don't know but what's the chance ...

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Then a guy on an R1 comes.along.side me.and.waves and.shouts !!!! Your bikes on fire !!!


Similar happened to brother, his bike was in for repairs so was on a hire bike, didn't have any rear carry mounting so strapped his bag on the rear fairing. Few miles down the road he sees a cop car turn round and put blues on so pulls over thinking wtf have I done now, they pull up along side and say "do you know your bikes on fire?"

The bag had slipped right over exhaust (under seat center exit jobbie) and had acted like a blow torch on the middle of bag, everything inside trashed and all the fairing on hire bike scorched and damaged.

[mention]Justarn[/mention] I agree with [mention]Six30[/mention] :thumb:

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