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Xsr900 vs Z900RS


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I fancy the look of one of these retro style bikes but still want a decent amount of performance. I love the look of both but which is a better/quicker ride? Or if I'm that bothered about performance should I go for the MT09 or Z900; in people's opinion which us better for some spirited country roads riding?

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Z900rs - 110bhp

xsr900 - 116bhp

Mt09 - 115bhp

Z900 - 123bhp

Other factors like weight may affect speed too but I think the z900 still has the most power per kg. They're all be quite fun in country roads I'm sure (depending what you're used to).

I think looks are very important in a bike personally but you need to test ride them all.

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I'm currently on an SFV650 which tbh is a great bike, plenty of low end, lovely through the bends but when I'm out with my mates on sportier bikes and we hit a few longer straights I do find myself lagging a bit. It's mint for the 0-60 and alright a bit beyond that but I feel like it could do with a bit extra oomph at higher speeds.

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There's also a difference of 40mm between the lowest and highest seats, which can make a real difference of you're not particularly long-legged. If it was me that would probably be the clincher (although happily the lowest seat height coincides with the most horses :thumb:)

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