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changing bikes


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Hi everyone.Well after nearly 10 months with the cbf600 I think its time for a change.

Am looking at a BMW F800 ST and was wondering if all of you wise and more experienced bikers could offer any advice and opinions on the bike many thanks

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I owned its 'brother' the F800S and it was a lovely bike. I only sold it because it couldnt take full size panniers. Had I bought the ST, I would probably still have it today.

Great bikes that are woefully under appreciated. buy as 'late' a model as you can.. with luggage if possible and 'sensible' upgrades. Look for one that has the computer and ABS and isnt due a major "Valve" service any time soon.. as this is the expensive one.

Best thing about them by far is the Belt drive. no messing. no need to replace spockets.. as the bike doesnt have any. its far safer than a chain. never needs to be tensioned.. aside from when first fitted. In an emergency it can be replaced in 15 minutes.. and makes for a very smooth ride. next best thing to a shaft.

Best words that describe them are smooth and torquey and so easy to ride... Ive always felt they make an ideal first big bike if you're lazy or cant afford a shaft and dont want the more usual 600cc. and.. have an idea at the back of your mind that touring is part of your future. The under the seat fuel tank means all the bikes weight is under the seat.. the top of the engine is just above the seat and so the bike feels exceptionally light. The fake fuel tank has the battery underneath it.

The bike ended as a model in 2014 and was replaced with the GT.. which is essentially the same bike. just minor changes. some cosmetic. some more profound like the newer bike has a longer wheelbase and so has a different size of belt. And aimed squarely at the Touring market.

Belts are available very cheap now.. compared to the BMW original. these are made by Continental and are identical aside from missing the BMW logo and price.


BMW recommend that the belt is replaced at 24000 miles.. but they can last a lot longer.. keep an eye on it and when it begins to lose 'blocks' or 'teeth' then its time to replace.

only known fault with the bike is the oil cooler can develop a weep. this isnt dangerous. and is simple enough to replace.

Mint examples with low miles crop up on eBay and similar sites all the time.. it was a relatively popular bike.


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