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The Wasp!


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Finally found the time and enough light to take some pictures with the bike.

The bike is a Yamaha FZS600 2002 Fox-Eye model, finished in yellow, in really good condition for the age.

I bought her privately from a fellow biker, he's upgraded to a fazer 1000 so the 600 had to go!

It has full service history, from the 1st 500 miles service, valve checks at 28k, to the current mileage of 45k, no expense spared(whole stack of receipts, service records), as per manual, carbs balanced, etc. The mot is valid until December 2019, no advisories apart from fork pitting...

The battery has died on me after I bought it but that's a consumable so one trip to halfords later it was sorted.

The bike is perfect for my needs, I'm using it for commuting and it's doing a great job, returning +55mpg without trying to hard, in a mix of city, filtering and fast A roads commuting.

The bike is waaay smoother than the sv650 which I did my DAS on, and it shifts when you want it to, I have found doing speeds over the limit very easy so I need to be careful!

Love the sound of the engine, I might add an aftermarket can later on. The brakes are very good.

The lights are very bright, on par with the car's headlight.

I got a hell of a lot of a bike for the price I paid for it! Planning to keep the bike for a good while.








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Thanks guys!

I would like to make some modifications in the future:

-I want to install a higher windscreen or a touring one since the wind hits the top of the helmet(doing motorway speeds 70+), if i duck a smidge where's no wind hitting my helmet. I have seen the clip-on deflectors from PUIG, but they're expensive and they nearly cost as a proper windscreen, and I'm not sure if the shape of my windscreen is permitting.

-I would like a slightly louder pipe(safer if you are being heard whilst filtering :lol:) , not to excessive to upset the neighbours, since the original exhaust is louder compared to other 600's like my colleagues 2012 cbr600f. I was looking at Delkevic, getting a 400-450mm one, the original is 500mm in size, so that would strike my needs. Any suggestions? How can i tell which exhaust is loud and which isn't?

-Crash bobbins, just in case if I slide.

-A belly pan, to protect the engine/exhaust(it's stainless)

-Heated grips, but the winter is nearly to the end so i will postpone this one until next winter.

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Yeah! I think that got me, i really like the paint in the bike! Stands out and it looks mean!


Roger that! :lol:

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I bought a 600 Fazer new in 2002. Brilliant bike.

I rode it to Imola and back with just a tailback and tank bag, did a track day on it and just loved that bike. Didn't suit my wife though ..... :(

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