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GSX600F '94 A2 Restriction?


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Hey Dudes, So I will give you a little context. I am 21 not far of 22, I am currently on a provisional license with a CBT and Riding a 2010 YBR 125. I use it to get to work and it does the job.

I have been recently thinking of doing my A2 license and a friend wants to do his at the same time. The thought was if I purchase a bike before I do the test then it gives me time to make sure the bike is all good maintenance wise . Then get faults fixed so I don't buy any old rubbish afterwards. Logical thinking in my eyes.

So was browsing the web and came across a 1994 Suzuki GSX600F. The guy has tried to streetfighter it, but my aim to get it back to it's original looks. The question is, can this bike be restricted to meet A" requirements. I have found re stricter kits on ebay from repeatable company called "KickstartEngineering" their kit says it is compatible with a 1994.

I then came across a website called "A2 Bikes" they list most bikes that be on the A2. They have the GSX600F on their and have a section recommending the resistor kit i found. BUT and here is my issue, It says from 1996-2000. Claiming 73 BHP (54.43kW if my math is correct.). Another site called "motorcyclespecs" says a 1994 is at 87 HP which converts to 85BHP (63.38 kW).

Can anyone help

Thanks :D

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Get the license first then worry about the bike. When you get a bike get one from a reputable dealer who knows what they are doing. You risk voiding your way insurance going down the route you propose.


What's your reason for ignoring what he wants to do? The guy wants a bike to work on, plenty do that. All he wanted to know was about restricting the thing, this is not helpful. Maybe get help fitting a restrictor kit, but getting a bike to work on does no harm at all.

To OP the bike meets the requirements to be restricted, however I can't advice where you get the kits from I've never had to fit one. The 94 is defo 87bhp and the newer 96> is 76bhp as you've found.

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