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Yamaha bt1100 bulldog


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Anyone had one? In my endless search for a new bike I stumbled across these. Underpowered big vtwin with shaft drive. 60mpg 200 Mike tank range allegedly. I like the styling, and I like a relaxed style of riding plus love the sound of a big noisy twin.

Most reviews aren't favourable but people who like them seem to love them. There's one for sale round Twickenham way I might go have a look at.

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Hmmmmm, from the Nash

But there’s too much backlash, which means the bike lurches annoyingly in off-on throttle situations, such as heavy traffic – irritating for the rider and a real pain in the neck for a pillion. The gearchange occasionally asks for a couple of stabs to shift up a ratio, too, although mostly it works fine.

Also says can be a bit viby which usually means alot lol

Non of which makes any difference if you like it, no bike is perfect but you have to be happy on it, go find one, ride it and tell us what you think.

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I found that the more unfavourable a MCN review was, the more likely I was to like the bike. I love the look and nearly bought one, but touring and fitting luggage was too much of an issue.

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