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Kawasaki Z900


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Kawasaki Z900 is Kawasaki replacement for Z800.

I bought Z900 in early 2018 after test riding a lot of bikes and i will give one liners why I didn't buy them

Triumph Street Triple 765 -

Positive: Very light, Agine, looks beautiful, paint job great, great detail to finishing

Negative: Costly to buy and run, power was a bit lame at get go, could not get back box or tall windshield.

Yamaha MT09

Positive: You heart will jump as the engine is very responsive, most reliable bike, motorad seating position for comfort, can get back box, front shield

Negative: Too tall, I could not reach the ground. If you have not ridden for winter, it could kill you, if you do not see pot hole, it could kill you, if you select 'A' Animal mode.. it could kill you lol

BMW S1000R

+ Beast of the power, very planted on the ground, amazing road handling, looks beautiful.

- Heats up quickly almost to a point that rider can start to feel sick, expensive to maintain

Suzuki GSXS1000

+great on motorways, looks great, cheap to maintain

- Clutch was very hard, bike bit too high for me even wearing boots

So then we arrive to Z900

good points

As soon as I sat on the bike I felt sitting IN the bike and planted. Took it out for a spin and the PHOWWER was amazing yet it did not heat up like S1000R or GSXS1000, very well balanced too. Got myself large screen back box and it was all included in my finance agreement so no need to pay £1000 cash. The bike does not have modes but when I rode S1000R the only mode that made sense was Fast mode, Yamaha was standard and triumph standard too, I dont like the bike to surprise me so I prefer to stick to one mode and Z900 is a 950cc bike which is really a 1000cc engine. It as no modes so I loved it. Bike comes with ABS and there have been times when ABS came in to assist me.

The fact that I can reach the ground on both feet has helped me avoid dropping the bike a few times, people come out of no where in traffic and when you hit the brakes the recoil needs to be handled. If your dealer says to you, oh if you are a real biker all you need is just one leg on a tip toe.. well he is a lier! Its ok on the track and in ideal conditions but not when you are filtering on busy traffic and using bad roads.

The clutch on Z900 is as soft as my first bike CBR125 I dont know how they done it but its amazing. The exhaust could do with the change but you would not get much better sound unless you change the whole system with straight pipes.

Bad points?

It could look better like have both lights on in day time, LED lights, seat could be softer (its ok for a day ride but a week ride is a pain), 7500 miles service is £400 but mainly because they recommend changing plugs so just tell the dealer to stick it! there is no need to change plugs for at least 10k

Would you get another?

I think so, its practical and durable bike. I would love to buy a S1000RR as next bike but its not going to happen.

Any other comments?

Attach a picture if you wish.

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