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Enfiend Test Centre

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Did my test in Enfield test centre

MOD1: Failed first time because in training I was not coming up to 35mph so in test I did try riding faster but failed. Second time, I went to test centre and practiced with speed trap few times, this time I passed without problems. So my advice would be to make sure you have at least one day mod1 training on Saturday and ask your school to take you to the test centre for practice. It really helps.

MOD2: Passed first time, they examiner was quite nice, did not spook me, but I did ride in Enfield area on my 125 for few days and worked out that they industrial area is 20mph but as soon as you get on the main road its 40, there were roads with stop sign where you must stop even when nothing was coming, a one way road where you must go on the right side (other lane) because it was one way. I even made a gotcha document and shared with my teacher.

Overall I think its a good idea to ride your 125 for a year or so and get used to the roads you will be tested on.

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