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suzuki gsx750f rebuild

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Hi all,

New to this forum, this time around. Seem to have lost my original login. I've had this bike for about 3 years, intending to get it going again, but with work it has just stood under cover all that time.

Starting to get time now and have just got hold of a centre stand, but minus the spring. Does anyone know what length of spring I need for the stand?

I hope I don't become too much of a nuisance over the next few months.



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Welcome back. A nuisance ? Absolutely not . Anything I can do to help , just ask. I haven't owned this bike but I've had a few Suzuki's including a couple of GSXR's . Post few pics . Can I recommend that you read the BMW Ultima thread by Wollyjumperuk right here in this section . This guy does everything to perfection and is a valuable source of information and inspiration to anyone restoring a bike .

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Good luck with the resto, getting close to the end of a 6 month restoration on my SS125, see thread in this section

Hope this link helps with part nos., your local Suzuki dealer should be able to sort.


Got two old Suzukis myself,RGV250 & GT380

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Welcome to TMBF.

I have a similar bike 2003 GSX600F. Got mine 5 years ago, was on 21,000 when I got it. now on 39.000.

Its been fairly reliable. Apart from the expected tyres, chain sprockets and service items.

The only unexpected items needed have been, calliper overhauls, rear brake light switch, battery.

One problem I have had that could have been expensive is the water drain tube in the petrol tank rusted through. I have done a good sound repair with copper tube soldered in place, didn't even damage the paintwork. Cost nothing, but had been quoted £230 to reair and repaint the tank.

AS per the details above you need 2 springs for the centre stand. I ave seen them for sale on EBay. Its wrth searching for GSX600F parts, most of them should be the same.

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