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How much is a ktm six days 2016 (road legal) worth??


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Well , what you do is write down the prices of all the other ones for sale on the internet on sites such as Ebay , Gumtree etc. Then you divide by the number of bikes you looked at . This will give you an average price . Then you can always knock a bit off to get a quick sale . Or in more general terms , it's worth exactly what someone is prepared to pay for it .So if you state " Or best offer " in your advertisement you will find out what it's worth soon enough.

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..... it's worth exactly what someone is prepared to pay for it .....


There are two on eBay. A 125 and a 300. £4699 and £10000.

Since you give no details of engine size or condition, I think the quote above will have to do.

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